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Incorporation and Registration of    Legal Entities, Securities  Regulation, Real Estate
Thai, English

Wichitphan Klaiubon


LL.B. Chulalongkorn University
M.P.A. University of New Haven

Wichitphan received her Bachelor of Laws degree in 1984 from Chulalongkorn University and later on, a Master of Public Administration degree from University of New Haven in Connecticut in 1988.

Wichitphan began her practice in 1989 and she has developed a specialization in commercial corporate transactions since then. Wichitphan has expertise in incorporation and registration of legal entities, including formation of foreign legal entities in Thailand, as well as rules and regulations governing application of Foreign Business License/Certificate. Her most frequent practice consists of formation of a company, reduction and increase of registered capital of a company, amendment of structure of directors and shareholders, dissolution and liquidation of a company, corporate compliance of a public company as well as providing legal advice concerning commercial and corporate issues to both Thai and international clients. She also has proficiency in areas of mergers and acquistions, real estate and intellectual property.

Wichitphan was one of the founders of Legal Advisory Council Limited. Currently, she is in charge of commercial and corporate registration practices at the firm. Wichitphan has also been a member of the Lawyers Council of Thailand since 1989, and she is a Patent Registered Agent and a registered Notarial Services Attorney in Thailand.