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antitrust and competition

The Trade Competition Act of Thailand (“TCA”) is regarded as a young legislation having been and being developed along with the industrial and business practices.

Concepts under TCA are new to business people in Thailand and LACL has been actively advising clients to understand and be aware of what is deemed anti-competitive, prohibited, or what is exempted, under the parameters of

1. Abuse of market power by a firm in a dominant position
2. Mergers and Acquisitions that may amount to a monopoly
3. Agreements and collusive practices that adversely affect competition in Thailand
4. Exclusive distribution of imported products that impairs consumers’ opportunity for direct importation and
5. Practices that would tend to exclude or restrict other firms from conducting business, that are not otherwise free and fair.

LACL also works with the Department of Internal Trade and the Trade Competition Commission to facilitate the understanding of business practices, so implementation and enforcement of TCA follow international practices and are fair.
Acting for clients, both local and multinational companies, LACL assists in (1) criminal lawsuits; (2) administrative orders; and (3) actions for damage and loss


LACL advises and assists many expatriates and their families with the preparation of applications and all follow-up procedures regarding work permits, temporary stay permits, re-entry permits, and other immigration formalities. Our services extend to renewal and cancellation of the aforesaid permits as well as applications for residency permit and Thai citizenship. With over 25 years of experience in the services, we have gained reputable expertise in this area and continually maintain good relationship with relevant government authorities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

LACL has a team of combined experience of over 25 years in mergers and acquisition domestically and cross borders ranging from small and middle size transactions to multibillion Thai Baht transactions.

Works include legal due diligence, coordination with accounting and financial as well as environmental advisors to the deal, shares and/or assets sales and purchase agreements, business buyout agreements, takeover agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, credit facility agreements, security back agreements, human resources and labour transfers, immigration matters, pre-closing, closing and post-closing undertakings, operational permit and license transfers, filings with regulatory bodies to conclude the mergers and acquisitions in consideration with, for example, the Trade Competition Act and Securities Act of Thailand, as applicable.

Aviation Claim

With a limited number of law firms in Thailand providing legal services in this area, LACL is in a unique position with practice in aviation claims for loss and damages both for the individual and corporate claimants and respondents, such as airlines, insurance companies and logistic service providers in dispute. LACL co-counsels with law firms overseas to serve clients, who and which have no residence in Thailand, for the actions in Thailand. Practices go to the Civil Court and a special Court of Intellectual Property and International Trade Court with actions including claim, defence, mediation, settlement and full trial.

Notable experiences and success are legal actions in bird strike claim, liability limitation under applicable international treaties, dismissal of unorganized claims and claim prohibited by statute of limitation. LACL also advises on consumer rights protections in relation to the aviation claims.

Individual Services

In addition to representing corporations and other business entities, we regularly counsel clients in the areas of estate planning, financial planning, and issues related to family law. We provide services to our clients regarding tax law, estate law, and other legal issues related to the accumulation, maintenance, and transfer of family wealth.

Notarial Services

As a part of building international recognition on certification of local documents and documentation, Thai-English and English-Thai translated documents, proof of personal identity as well as other related undertakings, attorneys of LACL have undergone training under supervision and been granted licenses under authorization of the Lawyers Council of Thailand as "Notarial Services Attorney". We, therefore, provide notarial services to clients in respect of necessary certification required.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

LACL has a team of combined experience of over 25 years in bankruptcy and restructuring. Our partners consist of formal in-house legal counsels of leading major banks in Thailand as well as attorneys with in-depth practical know-how in business rehabilitation. This combines with litigation experiences; we offer legal services to creditors, debtors, and other interested parties to achieve commercial goals in maximizing corporate assets, fair restructuring terms, equity re-allocation, distribution of assets, business rehabilitation through reorganization or restructuring, company and business closure, including dissolution and liquidation.

Our expertise covers advice on insolvency filing, insolvency proceedings, rehabilitation proceedings, debt restructuring and rescheduling, out-of-court and in court restructurings and refinancing, debt repayment, proceedings at Legal Execution Department and bankruptcy release. Our bankruptcy and restructuring team is supported by our commercial, real estate, intellectual property and ligation teams.

Intellectual Property

LACL provides advice to clients regarding the protection of inventions and product designs under patent law; indication of goods and services by means of trademark, service mark, certification mark, and collective mark; protection of copyright and licensing and transfer of marks and/or commercial technology. We prosecute and defend clients in matters relating to the infringement of intellectual property rights and to claims of counterfeit. We also act as trademark and patent agent for overseas clients.

Real Estate

LACL provides advice and assists on all matters involving the acquisition, development, lease, and disposition of real estate. We are prepared to perform this work for private homes, condominiums, office buildings, resorts, hotels, plant sites, export processing zones, and industrial estates.

Commercial / Corporate

LACL provides counsel in connection with all aspects of business law, including the establishment and registration of corporations (private or public), branches, representative offices, regional offices, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. We also assist clients with the sale and purchase of shares and with corporate reorganization and reconstruction.

LACL represents overseas investors and businesses in the negotiation and formation of joint ventures or other business ventures, as regulated under laws affecting foreign investment. We service foreign businesses with the appointments of distributors, franchisees, and sales agents. We also procure any permits and licenses required to do business and, if applicable, assist clients in seeking investment promotion and in applying for incentives and privileges from the Board of Investment of Thailand.

International Trade

LACL assists clients in the international trade field to defend against antidumping or countervailing duty petitions filed overseas against Thai companies. Experience in this area is expansive, including cases involving textiles, steel products, rice, pineapples, frozen shrimps and various other consumer goods. We are prepared to represent companies involved in cases brought before the Royal Thai Government under its pending unfair trade laws.

We assist clients with all matters involving the WTO and the GATT and its accompanying agreements. We offer monitoring services on legal developments under the laws of Thailand's major trading partners and under the WTO. LACL's close association with one of the top law firms practicing international trade law in the United States gives it the exclusive ability to assist companies and government agencies with any matter involving international trade law.


LACL represents clients on arrangements involving public offerings, private placements, and more particularly on mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, takeovers, securities trading, securities acquisitions and sales, and joint ventures. Our clients include publicly listed companies, investment banks, and securities firms.


One of LACL's primary areas of practice is contract drafting and negotiation. We possess an extensive proficiency in this field acquired by years of experience, including agreements for real estate purchases or leases, loans and other financing, joint ventures, licenses and franchises, services, purchase and sale, and employment.

Labour and Employment

LACL provides advice and assistance on all aspects of labour and employment law. Work in this area includes preparation of employment contracts, workplace and personnel regulations, and employee benefits. We also conduct labour audits and help in the disposition of labour related disputes.


LACL is prepared to offer legal advice and representation in the emerging area of environmental law. Potential matters include advice on compliance with air quality and noise, water and hazardous chemical pollution as stipulated in domestic regulations as well as several international conventions and with regulations on the disposal of garbage, other solid waste and hazardous materials; assistance with monitoring and inspection procedures conducted by the government; and representation in suits involving the alleged violation of environmental protection laws.

Litigation and Arbitration

LACL's litigators represent clients in all courts of law in Thailand in proceedings at the Courts of First Instance, the Courts of Appeal, and the Supreme Court as well as the Arbitration Institute under the auspices of the Office of the Judiciary of Thailand.

We have represented clients in general, civil and commercial matters, property (including expropriation), contract, torts, shareholder actions, banking and finance disputes, sale of goods, insurance, bankruptcy, construction disputes and intellectual property. However, LACL does not practice criminal law, apart from corporate offences such as cases regarding cheques, fraud and embezzlement. We are well recognized locally for having a strong and reputable team in arbitration proceedings. Also, on many occasions, we have co-counseled with overseas and international law firms in arbitration proceedings under the rules and regulations of ICC and UNCITRAL.


LACL provides advice on all domestic and international telecommunication laws and regulatory policies. Matters may include obtaining necessary approvals and licenses from government authorities, protection of technology, license and transfer of technology, trans-border data flow, telecommunication joint ventures and government concession contracts.  

Capital Market

For over 20 years in capital market practice, LACL is known and well received by the overseas financial analytics and trading platform as well as the local prominent financial advisors as a leading lawyer for capital market practice in Thailand. LACL regularly advises clients, work and coordinate with the financial advisors, financial auditors as well as the internal audit advisors for initial public offerings of public companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Market for Alternative Investment. Advices on post-listing compliance are also the keen practices offered to our clients being the publicly listed companies in Thailand..