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LACL Legal advisor council limited

Established in 1994, Legal Advisory Council Limited ("LACL") is a Bangkok-based law firm currently consisting of five partners, an of counsel and a number of associates. Our legal services are provided to a vast range of clients, from individuals to large publicly held companies and Thai government agencies. Our client list garnered from years of operation includes Thai as well as foreign persons and firms. Both Thai and English languages are used in LACL's legal services.

LACL corresponds on a regular basis with several overseas and international law firms and frequently provides co-counsel services for such firms. Additionally, LACL is a sole representative member firm for Thailand of the international legal network of GLOBALAW, which covers over 85 jurisdictions worldwide.

LACL is committed to delivering our clients effective and efficient legal services of the highest quality. We focus on each client's business objectives and policies to provide creative yet practical advice. In consultation with clients, our attorneys and staff strive to ensure the success of our execution within the agreed budget and other parameters. In all cases, at least one partner is assigned to be in charge and to have overall responsibility for a client's matters; however, for most matters, additional lawyers are assigned to supplement required legal assistance and to ensure full coverage and representation.

One of the major policies of the firm is integrity to legal profession and clients. We conduct searches and conflict inspections at all times prior to taking on an assignment. Once conflict of interest arises, advice will be given to clients directly and promptly.

The official language in Thailand is Thai thus, Bachelor’s Degrees in law here are taught in Thai so foreign languages may appear alien to most Thai law students. LACL, however, recognizes a connected world, where speedy communication, English speaking and writing abilities are keys to best serve clients. As an emphasis has been made on responding to such, the majority of our attorneys and staff are capable of English speaking and writing communication. LACL is also equipped with up-to-date computer network and technology, which guarantees smooth communication experience.

With over 25 years of experience, our legal practices are recognized in Thailand and overseas. Our services are provided with expertise and standards internationally accepted. Commitment and practical yet creative solutions with professional responsibility are always offered to ensure that our clients can conduct their business effectively and efficiently. Innovative and proactive conducts are what we entrust as the key to success in our legal practices. With committed expertise in our services, LACL is considered one of the top law firms in Bangkok, Thailand.