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We are constantly looking for attorneys to enhance the quality of our legal services to satisfactorily meet clients’ requirements. LACL is strongly committed to the development of attorneys’ professionalism and expertise. We believe in providing clients with an attorney who is right for the job and able to offer practical advice and solutions on any matter.

We are looking for attorneys who are:
• Practical in their approach with an awareness of client's commercial interests and culture.
• Knowledgeable in laws as well as economic and business issues.
• Able to communicate, build and maintain a relationship with clients and colleagues.
• Capable of taking the initiative to deal with problems and taking decisive actions to secure "clients" interests.
• Excellent in legal writing, editing, analysis and presentation skills.
• Reliable and skillful with time management and work prioritization process.
• Goal minded, adhering to work ethics and interested in professional development.

In working with us, attorneys will have the chance to deal with complex domestic and international legal issues as well as legal procedures. The role requires flexibility yet rigorous attention to detail, leadership and also great communication skills in order to communicate effectively with clients. Attorneys will be expected to employ traditional and innovative solutions to deal conclusively with legal issues at hand. They will also be given an opportunity to work in an international and diverse work environment in the fast-moving legal world.

To apply, please contact Mr. Jitrakorn Boonyapanupol
Tel: (662) 512 6090 ext. 133 Email:


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