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Commercial Contracts, Business Reorganization, Bankruptcy, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Employment, Construction Dispute
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Puchong Tanthumart


LL.B. Bangkok University
LL.M. Case Western Reserve University

Puchong is an experienced attorney with a broad range of area of Practice. His practice mainly focuses on bankruptcy and insolvency law, business reorganization and rehabilitation, and legal execution. Puchong also serves clients in the areas of commercial contracts, corporate matters, real estate, labour and employmene, cross-border investment and construction disputes. He also provides regulatory advice to both Thai and foreign clients.

Puchong has been involved in business reorganization of distinguished companies, including listed public companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, operating in various businesses, i.e. manufacturer, automobile, chemical supply, hospital services and international trade. As well, he has assisted clients in respect of cross-border investments in diverse industries, such as energy, oil and gas, electricity, automobile, manufacturing and infra-structure in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. Apart from that, he has served clients intending to incorporate and register a business entity in Germany and Singapore relating to international trade and cross-border finance. Additionally, he has advised on matters regarding construction disputes between private companies and the government, including state-owned enterprises.

Puchong graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Bangkok University and, in 2008, obtained a Master of Laws Degree in International Business Laws from Case Western Reserve University in the United States. After obtaining his LL.M., he worked as an intern with Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP in the United States. He also holds a lawyer license and is a registered Notarial Services Attorney.