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Commercial / Corporate, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Commercial & Civil Litigation, Notarial Services
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Poranee Krawkeo


LL.B. Thammasat University

Poranee obtained her LL.B. (with Second Class Honors) from Thammasat University in 2016. 

Before becoming a Barrister-at-Law (Thailand) in the following year, she gained extensive experience through her internship in many areas including litigation, intellectual property, corporate registration and employment.

Through her active role in student activities during her university years, Poranee gained remarkable skills in making contact with government offices as well as individuals. This has empowered her with essential experience and skills in mediation and negotiation in satisfactory disputes settlement for clients.

Her responsibilities at the firm include providing legal opinions, drafting legal documents for litigation proceedings, providing legal advice to clients in the area of licenses for various entrepreneurship such as license for factory construction, due diligence process and document certification and legalization.

Poranee holds a lawyer license from the Lawyer’s Council, and is a registered Notarial Services Attorney of the Lawyer’s Council.