LACL’s professional fees and expenses are incurred by the client for any legal services performed by our attorneys, legal assistants or supporting staff. Our professional fees are to be charged, typically, on an hourly basis, based upon the time spent by an attorney, legal assistant or supporting staff on each legal matter. Generally, the hourly rates vary on expertise, seniority and foreign language capability of attorneys designated to provide legal services in each matter. Expenses and official fees are to be billed on actual costs incurred for reimbursement.

Notwithstanding the above, the firm may offer the client a structure of professional fees and expenses on a lump sum or capped basis, where the scope of the legal services can be accurately identified. In a particular case, we would also give the client our estimation of the professional fees and expenses for required legal services.

Our invoices will be submitted to the client at monthly intervals providing details of the work performed and time spent representing the professional fees, covering expenses, official fees and applicable VAT for the preceding month.