Globalaw, the International Law Group, is a worldwide law firm network established since 1994. It comprises over 100 independent law firms with approximately 4,500 attorneys representing over 80 countries in several continents, i.e. America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East. Globalaw offers the chance for firms to combine and share their talents, international legal resources and legal knowledge.

Being part of Globalaw allows LACL and other members to access local attorneys and experts and experts in foreign countries with excellent local knowledge and connections that are critical for clients and their overseas businesses.

LACL, together with a number of law firms in several countries, is linked to others under the Globalaw network. Globalaw members have not just contributed legal expertise, but in many cases, created or located successful business opportunities for their clients.As a member of Globalaw, LACL significantly profits from proficiency, expertise and legal resources which are treasured not only for its attorneys, but also for its clients intending to pursue and engage in business at an international level. For more information on Globalaw, log on to its website at