LACL antitrust and competition legal services

The Trade Competition Act of Thailand (“TCA”) came into effect in 1999 and is still regarded as a young legislation having been and being developed along with the industrial and business practices.  

Concepts under TCA are new to business people in Thailand and LACL has been actively advising clients to understand and be aware of what is deemed anti-competitive, prohibited, or what is exempted, under the parameters of

  1. Abuse of market power by a firm in a dominant position;
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions that may amount to a monopoly;
  3. Agreements and collusive practices that adversely affect competition in Thailand;
  4. Exclusive distribution of imported products that impairs consumers’ opportunity for direct importation; and
  5. Practices that would tend to exclude or restrict other firms from conducting business, that are not otherwise free and fair.

LACL also works with the Department of Internal Trade and the Trade Competition Commission to facilitate the understanding of business practices, so implementation and enforcement of TCA follow international practices and are fair.

Acting for clients, both local and multinational companies, LACL assists in (1) criminal lawsuits; (2) administrative orders; and (3) actions for damage and loss.